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Jauktais koris DeCoro


18. marts 2015. gadā

25. martā plkst. 19.30 Rīgas Vecajā Svētās Ģertrūdes baznīcā un 29. martā notiks plkst.16:00 Jelgavas Svētās Annas baznīcā koncerts “Requiem” komunistiskā genocīda upuru piemiņai.

Koncertā skanēs Gabriela Forē (1845-1924) “Rekviēms”, Lūcijas Garūtas (1902-1977) mūzika ērģelēm un fragmenti no kantātes “Dievs, Tava zeme deg”. Koncertā piedalās Latvijas Universitātes kamerkoris DeCoro, jauktais koris Vilce, Latvijas Zvērinātu advokātu kolēģijas jauktais koris, Ieva Ezeriete (soprāns), Jānis Kurševs (tenors), Arvīds Zvagulis (vijole) un ērģelnieks Aigars Reinis. Koncerta mākslinieciskais vadītājs un diriģents Pēteris Vaickovskis.

Ieeja koncertā par ziedojumiem.

Džeza ziemassvētki 27.12.2014. Kaņepes kultūras centrā

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Latvijas Universitātes kamerkorim DeCoro koncerts Ziemassvētku laikā ir ikgadēja tradīcija, kad tiek realizētas jaunas un svaigas koncertprogrammu idejas, meklējot arī jaunas atskaņošanas vietas. Šoreiz kora dziedātājiem pievienosies arī džeza instrumentālais trio. Koncertā piedalās: Uģis Krišjānis /klavieres/, Staņislavs Judins /kontrabass/, Mārtiņš Miļevskis /sitamie instrumenti/ LU kamerkoris DeCoro /diriģenti Pēteris un Kristiāna Vaickovski/ Ieeja brīva

It was incredibly gassy, I de gassed for like 10 minutes and

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“People will judge my mothering or whatever,” she told “Access Hollywood” following the Yahoo interview. “My kids grew up in Southern California. It’s not a crazy thing. If you’ve never white knuckled the back of an airplane seat while your flying chariot hurls itself in various directions at random, then you may have never experienced real turbulence. Slight and erratic changes to a plane’s path are a relatively common part of air travel. They can be caused by bad weather and strong wind, among other factors..

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The yen Japanese markets are seen replica designer backpacks

18. oktobris 2014. gadā

If you’re single and dating, you may be surprised to learn that the dating pool is actually quite deep, even if it doesn’t always feel that way. Census Bureau]. Roughly 5 percent cohabitate with a partner, effectively kicking them out of the pool. Just a little backstory: in 2016, I suffered from a rare illness called Guillain Barr syndrome. It was a rapid onset of nerve damage that paralyzed me from the neck down, and I was even on life support because I was unable to breathe on my own. It took a lot of work, but I eventually regained much of my upper body mobility.

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DeCoro ciemosies Vilcē!

17. oktobris 2014. gadā

Vilces pagasta iedzīvotāju mākslinieciskajām aktivitātēm ir sena vēsture.
Jau pagājušā gadsimta 30 gados aktīvi darbojās Vilces 6.klasīgās pamatskolas absolventu biedrības koris, diriģenta Roberta Goda vadībā. Bija savs pūtēju kolektīvs, teātris.
Arī šodien mēs varam lepoties, ka Vilcē atkal atjaunots koris, kas ar teicamiem panākumiem piedalījās Dziesmu svētkos u.c.Kora diriģenti Pēteris Vaickovskis un Kristiāna Vaickovska mīlestību pret dziesmu palīdz rosināt arī Latvijas Universitātes kamerkorim DeCoro un Latvijas Zvērinātu advokātu kolēģijas jauktajam korim.
Tad nu šie kori vienosies kopīgā koncertā „Dziesmotie ražas svētki”, Vilces pagasta Tautas namā, 25.10 18.00.
Tā kā svētku goda virsdiriģents ir maestro Gido Kokars, tad viņš piekritis tikties ar daiļajām Vilces muižas dāmām un atbildēt uz jautājumiem par bagāto mākslinieka mūžu.
Vilces muižā 20.30 paredzēta tikšanās ar mākslinieku, vēl būs iespēja noskatīties Jura Podnieka studijas 1978.gadā uzņemto dokumentālo filmu „Brāļi Kokari” un iepazīties ar koru tradīcijām cauri laikiem.
Kontaktinformācija: Vilces TIP vadītāja Aiva Ozoliņa, t-26351169

North Korea has long sought to normalize its relationship with

02. oktobris 2014. gadā

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90 ERA in a season statistically similar to David Price’s 2016)

17. septembris 2014. gadā

starting rotations of the past 20 years

moncler sale outlet Red Sox pitchers and catchers are scheduled to report to spring training Feb. 12 hey, it’s not that far away! and oddly enough, they will arrive with more suspense about the latter than the former. moncler sale outlet

cheap moncler jackets While we try to determine whether the go to catcher for the season’s long haul will be Sandy Leon (was his 2016 season a revelation or a mirage?), Christian Vazquez, or Blake Swihart, matters of the moncler outlet store pitching staff moncler mens jackets at cheap moncler least regarding the starting rotation are mostly settled before spring has come to Ft. Myers. cheap moncler jackets

Chris Sale, acquired Dec. 6 from the White Sox for primo prospects Yoan Moncada and Michael Kopech plus two other kids, joins David Price and Rick Porcello to form a front three that has combined for 10 top six Cy Young finishes including two victories and five top 20 Most Valuable Player finishes since 2010. In some series, their No. 3 starter will be more accomplished than the opposition’s ace.

moncler jacket sale A few weeks later, after nine plus occasionally exciting and often exasperating seasons with the Red Sox, Clay Buchholz was dealt to the Phillies for a fringe prospect, his departure being greeted with a perfectly fitting chorus of “good riddance!” and “they didn’t get enough!” An enigma until the end, ol’ Clay. Philadelphia is going to adore him. moncler jacket sale

moncler outlet So where does that leave the Red Sox rotation in the weeks before 2017 spring training begins in earnest? With an obvious top three that makes them the envy of the American League, and some intriguing options knuckleballer Steven Wright and lefties Drew Pomeranz and Eduardo Rodriguez duking it out for the final two spots. moncler outlet

cheap moncler coats The consensus is that this has a chance to be the Red Sox’ best rotation since well, since when? We can’t really know until we see the results of this one; it’s all a reality based daydream until the games begin. But it should should be one of the best of the last 20 Red Sox seasons (1998 to 2017). cheap moncler coats

Why the last 20? Because if we’re going to count them down, worst to best and that’s exactly what we’re going to do with this project it’s both wise and appropriate to begin with the arrival of another ace, the ultimate ace, before the ’98 season. The arrival of Pedro Martinez was a game changer in Red Sox history as we learned through the years, so many good things start with him. But one man does not make a rotation, as we’ll be reminded of in our rankings, which begin ignominiously with

The one and done Bobby Valentine debacle. The Red Sox didn’t have a starter with an ERA below 4.56. (Clay Buchholz.) The ruination of Daniel Bard (6.22 ERA) was efficiently and cruelly completed Moncler Outlet. Daisuke Matsuzaka won a game. Josh Beckett escaped to the Dodgers. Aaron Cook somehow got 18 starts, allowing 15 homers in 94 innings. Even Jon Lester (9 14, 4.82 ERA) was infected. Let’s just move on.

Here’s a miserable case study in the perils of how a season can go off the rails when a team doesn’t have enough replacement level pitching depth, let alone actual quality . The ’06 Sox won 86 games, but by the end it had the vibe of a 100 game loser due to a collapse (they went 9 21 in August) caused by attrition, underperformance, and too many starts by inept pitchers. They gave 37 starts to five pitchers who finished the season with an ERA above 6.00 Matt Clement, cheap moncler jackets Kyle Snyder, Jason Johnson, Lenny DiNardo, and David Pauley. The supposed (and future) ace, Josh Beckett, had 5.01 ERA in 33 starts during his adjustment season in Boston. Jon Lester made his MLB debut and went 7 2, though he had a 4.76 ERA before his season was shockingly abbreviated with his August cancer diagnosis. No, it probably was not a good idea to trade Bronson Arroyo in spring training he had a 3.29 ERA in a National League high 35 starts and 240.2 innings for the Reds.

In spring training, the narrative that the Red Sox did not have an ace became loud enough to reach the ears of the members of the rotation who weren’t presumed worthy of such status. So Clay Buchholz took it up himself to have t shirts made that read “He’s The Ace” for his fellow starters Justin Masterson, Rick Porcello, Joe Kelly, and Wade Miley as a unifying gesture. Talk about good intentions gone wrong. Buchholz was their best starter (3.26 ERA) when he was healthy, but he made just 18 starts. Young Eduardo Rodriguez emerged as a promising prospect (10 6, 3.85) and Rich Hill had a 1.55 ERA in four starts in September on his way to an extraordinary career revival. But there moncler outlet sale wasn’t much else. Porcello and Miley were below average innings eaters. Porcello would emerge as the buy moncler jackets ace a year later. He didn’t need a t shirt to prove it.

Dan Duquette did try to get a legitimate front end starter and complement to Pedro Martine before this season, but Mike Mussina, revealing he was born with a bubbling black hole where his soul should be, chose the Yankees instead. Manny Ramirez was a more than satisfactory consolation prize, but he was an aid to Red Sox pitchers, not a Red Sox pitcher, and so the usual Duquette hoarded sad parade of has beens (Hideo Nomo, David Cone, Frank Castillo) and never will bes (Tomo Ohka, Paxton Crawford) followed Pedro. Or should I say, followed Pedro for the 18 starts in which he was healthy, before Duquette and know it all interim manager Joe Kerrigan shamefully tried to make him pitch through a shoulder injury and the whole season collapsed into a heap of burning embers that would have made a dumpster fire seem charming and quaint.

moncler outlet store Jon Lester was very good through 21 starts, and then he was traded to the A’s at the July 31 deadline. John Lackey was very good through 21 starts, and then he was traded to the Cardinals at thedeadline. The lost season they’d finish with 71 wins and one brutal championship hangover wasn’t so much due to rotation struggles; Mike Napoli was second on the team with all of 55 RBIs. But the fallout from the brutal summer they were 48 60 at the end of July was to see their top two starters dealt off, Lester as a free agent to be and Lackey as a teammate angry to see Lester go. Jake Peavy, who won just 1 of 20 starts, also was traded, to the Giants, where he’d win his second straight championship. How bad was the scene they left behind? Allen Webster finished second among the remaining starters with five wins, Brandon Workman won 1 of 15 starts, and Clay Buchholz, he of the 5.34 ERA, led the staff in innings pitched (170.1). moncler outlet store

cheap moncler jackets sale This has got to be the least likable Red Sox rotation of the 2000s, if not this entire exercise. Pedro and D Lowe departed during free agency, and maybe Theo Epstein was right in shaking things up to avoid post championship complacency. But it didn’t work it’s sort of a miracle that the ’05 Sox won 95 games given that the whole season felt like a giant hangover. And speaking of giant hangovers, Epstein essentially replaced Pedro with David Wells (a surprisingly graceful pitcher, an oaf of a human), with Matt Clement (a dubious ’05 All Star whose career was derailed by injury) taking Lowe’s spot. Tim Wakefield (16 12, 4.15) and ascending Goo Goo Dolls roadie Bronson Arroyo (14 10, 4.51) ate up plenty of mediocre innings. But Curt Schilling (5.69 ERA) was never right after his ankle injury, and the Sox were doomed in the postseason the minute Clement took the ball in Game 1. cheap moncler jackets sale

Josh Beckett and Jon Lester were a fine 1 2 punch, combining to go 32 14 with a 3.64 ERA while splitting 64 starts evenly. Clay Buchholz and Tim Wakefield were a decent 3 4 combo (18 9, 4.42 ERA in 37 total starts). But after that well, maybe they should have just gone with an old school four man rotation. These Red Sox probably the most forgettable of their six playoff teams in that decade, no? required a total of 55 starts from Brad Penny (5.61 ERA), John Smoltz (8.33), Daisuke Matsuzaka (5.76), Paul Byrd (5.82), Junichi Tazawa (7.46), and Michael Bowden (9.82).

Pedro’s 1999 season was MVP worthy. His moncler sale outlet 2000 season might be the best a modern starting pitcher has ever had in fact, by one measure, it was the best. Pedro’s adjusted ERA that season was 291, the second best single season ever, trailing only Tim Keefe’s 1880 season. Yes, 1880, not 1980. It was so long ago he predated even Julio Franco. That was the year Pedro’s ERA (1.74) was nearly two runs better than the runner up for the ERA title, Roger Clemens (3.70), and more than three runs better than the league average (4.91). But after Pedro? The next four starters in terms of innings were Jeff Fassero, Ramon Martinez, Pete Schourek, and Rolando Arrojo. Their respective ERAs: 4.78, 6.13, cheap moncler outlet 5.11, 5.05. Let’s just say there were no reincarnations of Tim Keefe in that crew. Pedro carries ’em.

They get a lot of retrospective grief for that greatest team ever hype, but they were pretty great for a good part of the summer, in part due to the contributions of Josh Beckett (13 7, 2.89 ERA in 30 starts) and Jon Lester (15 9, 3.47, 31 starts) at the head of the rotation. They were 31 games over.500 (83 52) at the end of August. Unfortunately, the season does include September, and you know what happened: An epic collapse that included a season ending dual walkoff by the Orioles, who finished off the Red Sox, and the Rays, who sneaked into the postseason on the last day. Subpar starting pitching was a main culprit for the 7 20 September. Andrew Miller, who was basically the opposite monlcer down jackets of what he is now, had an 11.70 ERA in five appearances (two starts) that month. Kyle Weiland had a 7.36 ERA in five appearances (three starts). Even Lester let them down (1 win with a 5.40 ERA in six starts). In cheap moncler coats the end, the prematurely anointed greatest team ever had a case as the greatest underachiever ever, and the pitching was complicit.

moncler jackets outlet The best thing about this team? Adrian Beltre’s Boston cameo. Somewhere much farther down the list ranks the starting rotation. It was durable enough for this 89 win team that missed the postseason, with six starters combining for 158 starts. The problem was that only two were above average. Jon Lester had his second straight strong year (19 9, 3.25, fourth in the Cy Young race), and Clay Buchholz delivered the best season (or the biggest tease) of his Red Sox career (17 7, 2.33 ERA, sixth in the Cy Young race). But no one among the other four (John Lackey, Josh Beckett, Tim Wakefield, and Daisuke Matsuzaka) had an ERA lower than 4.40. Beckett was especially complicit in the disappointing season, making just 21 starts with a 5.78 ERA. By the way, if you remember Scott Atchison started a game, well, thank you for reading, Scott Atchison. It’s appreciated. moncler jackets outlet

cheap moncler Welcome, Pedro. In his first season with the Red Sox, Pedro Martinez won 19 of his 33 starts, which would tie for his career high (1996, 2004), and reminded us, a year after Aaron Sele started on opening day, of what an ace looks like. Tim Wakefield was helpfully mediocre, winning 17 games with a 4.58 ERA, and 34 year old Bret Saberhagen, his shoulder held together with Big League Chew, was very good, going 15 8 with a 3.96 ERA. That’s not a bad 2 3 in the peak summer of the PED era. But capable depth remained an issue with those Dan Duquette teams. How much of an issue was it here? Steve Avery, John Wasdin, Robinson Checo, Jin Ho Cho, Brian Rose, and Butch Henry combined for 47 starts. Woof. Also: Arf. cheap moncler

This was Pedro’s last brilliant season (14 4, 2.22 ERA, 9.9 K/9 in 29 starts), a sad event to realize but a wonderful event to reminisce about. Derek Lowe fell off from his All Star ’02, but still won 17 games and pitched a team high 203.1 innings an inning more than Tim Wakefield, who went 11 7 with a 4.09 ERA in 32 starts. Junkballer John Burkett was the theoretical fourth starter with 12 wins, but his ERA was high (5.01) and his radar gun readings were low. Casey Fossum (5.47 ERA) and Jeff Suppan (5.57 ERA after coming over from Pittsburgh) also participated. Byung Hyun Kim is remembered poorly, but he was a huge help after arriving in a May trade for Shea Hillenbrand, though after five starts he was called upon to rescue a flammable bullpen. From what I’ve heard, Grady Little never entirely learned to trust it, even after Scott Williamson came aboard. I forget the details.

cheap moncler outlet Ah, you know how it went. It’s still fresh, right? Rick Porcello was steady at worst and efficiently dominating at his best, winning 22 games (thanks in part to huge run support) and the AL Cy Young award. Price, in his first season in Boston, wasn’t the top three in the league starter that he had often been in Tampa Bay, Detroit, and Toronto, but he still won 17 games with a 3.99 ERA and pitched 230 workhorse innings. Steven Wright was an All Star knuckleballer but a hapless pinch runner, earning 10 of his 13 wins in the first half. Midseason acquisition Drew Pomeranz was disappointing (3 5, 4.59 ERA) after an All Star first half in San Diego, while Buchholz, Eduardo Rodriguez, Joe Kelly, and Henry Owens all had an ERA of 4.71 or higher. How bad were the depth issues at times? The Red Sox gave four starts to journeyman Sean O’Sullivan, who has had a 5.49 ERA or higher in six of his seven partial MLB seasons. Good thing Porcello and you better believe it Price cheap moncler sale combined for 453 innings. cheap moncler outlet

moncler sale Terry Francona has said that this team, which fell a win short of a second straight trip to the World Series, might have been the most complete roster he had during his eight years here. I’m not sure I see it. Dustin Pedroia won the AL Most Valuable Player award and Kevin Youkilis finished third, but David Ortiz hit just.270 with 89 RBIs, Manny Ramirez was traded to the Dodgers, and Jason Varitek hit just.220. But the main issue is that the rotation was good, but not as great as in ’04 or ’07. Jon Lester did emerge as a front end starter (16 6, 3.21 ERA), but Tim Wakefield had a quintessential Tim Wakefield year (10 11, 4.13 ERA in 30 starts). Worse, presumed ace Josh Beckett also had a quintessential Tim Wakefield year (12 10, 4.03). Daisuke Matsuzaka delivered the most aggravating 18 3 season one could imagine, averaging just over five innings per start in a masterful managerial performance by Francona. Rookie Clay Buchholz was a colossal disappointment (2 9, 6.75) while beginning his own long and exasperating run. Then there was the enigma that got away: Oh, to remember the fleeting moment when Bartolo Colon (4 2, 3.92 ERA in seven starts) was ours. moncler sale

Pedro didn’t win the MVP. But he was the MVP, and you know it deep in your soul, Ivan Rodriguez, just like you know there was really only one Pudge. Pedro led the league in pretty much everything that matters to a pitcher: wins (23), ERA (2.07), strikeouts (313), K/9 (13.2), FIP (an insane 1.39), and so on down the line. Bret Saberhagen had his last healthy/decent season, posting a 2.95 ERA, but in just 119 innings. The Nos. 2 and 3 starters in terms of innings pitched were Mark Portugal (7 12, 5.51 ERA) and Pat Rapp (6 7, 4.12). There were some moments of brilliance in Dan Duquette’s tenure without his knack for acquiring superstars and cornerstone players in savvy deals, for instance, 2004 never happens. But his early failure to find a true high end, innings eating No. 2 starter to take some of the burden from Pedro was exasperating. Still, Pedro’s singular magic alone carries this one into the top 10.

moncler outlet online This was the quintessential Dan Duquette team stacked to the top of the Green Monster with stars (Nomar, Pedro, Manny, culture changing free agent pickup Johnny Damon, midseason acquisition Cliff Floyd), but severely short on quality depth. The rotation behind Pedro moncler sale (20 4, 2.26) was more well rounded than it had been in recent seasons, largely because Derek Lowe came out of nowhere (well, the bullpen) to win 21 games with a 2.58 ERA, finishing third behind Barry Zito and the once again hosed Pedro in the Cy Young voting. Tim Wakefield (11 wins, 2.81 ERA in a swingman role), Casey Fossum (3.46 ERA in 13 starts), and John Burkett (13 8, 4.3, but 7 3, 3.80 before the All Star break) were all adequate or better. This time around, only one rotation spot dragged them down the one occupied by Frank Castillo, who went 6 15 with a 5.07 ERA for a 93 win team that missed the playoffs. For some reason, Duquette loved Frank Castillo more than he loved watching Roger Clemens testify before Congress. moncler outlet online

I mean, if it all works out according to plan, right? And a merely reasonable plan at that. Which means Sale, Porcello, and Price stay healthy and win 55 to 60 games between them, E Rod emerges as a reliable above average starter, Steven Wright baffles hitters often enough, and Pomeranz (a talented lefty still in his 20s) thrives in a swing role. But until we see it, we can’t elevate them above any of the champs of this era.

moncler outlet sale Arguably the most complete team of the Red Sox’ three champions so far this century, in part due to a redeemed and enhanced rotation. In his second season in Boston, Josh Beckett emerged as an ace, winning 20 games with 3.27 ERA, dominating in the postseason, and finishing second to CC Sabathia in the Cy Young balloting. Daisuke Matsuzaka arrived to much hype, and while that went mostly unfulfilled, he did win 15 games and pitch a team high 204.2 innings in perhaps his least exasperating season here. Lester returned to win all four of his decisions and lock down the win in the World Series clincher. Only eight pitchers started games, with the top five (Beckett, Dice K, Tim Wakefield, Curt Schilling, and Julian Tavarez) accounting for 140, and the four others (Lester, no hit flash Clay Buchholz, Kason Gabbard, and Devern Hansack) all acquitting themselves fairly well. moncler outlet sale

moncler outlet uk The 2013 Red Sox, as likable and unexpectedly excellent team as any in post 1967 franchise history, ultimately ended up being a story about community and the players’ genuine bond with Boston. But it was about redemption, too, after a couple of disappointing seasons, and that was especially reflected in the work of the pitching staff. Jon Lester (15 8, 3.75, and extraordinary in the postseason) stoically redeemed himself for his personally disappointing season under Bobby Valentine. Clay Buchholz (12 1, 1.74), for a half season at least, was as good as he can be, and high strung, good hearted White Sox refugee Jake Peavy (4 1, 4.04) picked up the slack for him when he was injured. The oft jeered John Lackey (10 13, 3.52) endured lousy luck during the regular season and was exceptional moncler outlet online when the stakes were highest. Even Ryan Dempster (8 9, 4.57), who had mediocre numbers in his final major league season, was important, starting fast when the Red Sox needed an early boost. It wasn’t the most talented rotation the Red Sox have had. But it might have been the most interdependent, and that was something to savor, all the way to the parade. moncler outlet uk

moncler factory outlet For years, the Red Sox never had a suitable solution as a No. 2 starter to Pedro. As it turned out, when they finally won it all, he was the No. 2 starter, though I doubt he saw it that way. Curt Schilling, who belongs in the baseball and blowhards Halls of Fame, arrived to much fanfare (remember that hubristic truck ad where he says, “I’m going to Boston to break a curse”?) and then delivered on all of it, winning 21 games and taking some of the burden off a subtly declining Martinez (16 9, 3.90 ERA in a season statistically similar to David Price’s 2016). This rotation is lauded for its durability Schilling, Martinez, Derek Lowe, Tim Wakefield, and Bronson Arroyo combined for 157 starts but it did have some regular season hiccups (Lowe had a 5.42 ERA) that were redeemed during the glorious and transcendent postseason run. If this isn’t your favorite Red Sox rotation of all time just based on what they collectively accomplished in October, I must assume you sleep in pinstriped jammies moncler factory outlet.

The good thing for ectomorphs is they have no problems staying

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Seems like during that initial talk when they touch gloves

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Well I was actually thinking of using the most aesthetically pleasing letters from each alphabet, to create a hybrid alphabet. Im sure Hebrew and Greek have some sounds that aren native to Latin so it might have to be more or less than 26 letters. I think left to right would make most sense.

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The 2014 general elections had cost Rs 3

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Purchasing a real estate property or a house is a good investment. However, due to different factors and influences of the media, relatives, and co workers, you might end up hesitating whether it is really worth it. As a matter of fact, there are many arguments regarding the advantages and disadvantages of purchasing a house.

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